Who? Dermot Mulroney (cool scar), Greg Kinnear (downtrodden), Lauren Graham (milf)

What’s it about? In the 1960s the inventor Robert Kearn came up with the not-all-that interesting idea of the intermittent windscreen wiper. At the time, this was a big deal, and all the major car companies in the U.S were after a slice of Kearns’ invention pie. Ford reacted first, invited him round for tea and screwed him over. Just because they could. Flash Of Genius, directed by Marc Abraham (Spy Game, Children Of Men), tells the story of Kearns fighting back against rich folk in flash cars who thought they could mess with him. And it looks tense, despite the potentially dry subject matter. Plus, it’s a ‘sticking it to the man’ film, which everyone likes. Because ‘the man’ is a twat.

When? March 20