Chris Morris is a wonderful, fearless man. If anything’s worth taking the piss out of, he’s probably done it. In The Day Today he took on the news. On Brass Eye he attacked the news some more, made people like Noel Edmonds, Rolf Harris and Bernard Manning look stupid, had a pop at paedophilia and upset people like Tessa Jowell, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport at the time. Then he co-wrote and directed Nathan Barley, making trendy people in east London look like dummies, before doing a spot of writing for The IT Crowd and Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle.

But this is all completely not-the-point. Here’s the news: his new film, Four Lions, will come out at some point in 2010, and there’s a clip called She’s Got A Beard just up there. See it? Up there.