10 films that should've been good. But weren't

Posted by , 24 April 2009

Godzilla (1998)

What’s it about:
Yes it’s another remake, and at this point we’re all collectively sighing at how predictable these directors can be. The story: An egg is exposed to nuclear testing on the island of French Polynesia and is subsequently messed up. The egg cracks and unleashes an unimaginably (unless you’ve seen any other monster disaster movie) large, ugly and aggressive beast seeking a lovely nesting ground in Manhattan.

Why it failed:
The 1954 original wasn’t all that in the first instance, replacing a real plot with some pretty shoddy special effects and hoping no one would notice. It appears that the Godzilla take 2 could do no better, at least on the story, which is clearly aimed at the movie goer with low expectations. 

Saving Grace:
Again, scraping the barrel here... the soundtrack?

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