Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Eric Sykes, Timothy Spall

They say: In the fourth instalment of the Potter saga, Hogwarts has the honour of hosting the Quidditch World Cup after which Harry is invited to take part in the historic Triwizard Tournament.

We say: Craggy-faced JK Rowling promised to scare the bejesus out of world's kiddie population with her latest installment, and she hasn’t disappointed. With the films getting progressively darker they, not surprisingly, are getting a tad more entertaining for parents and brow-beaten boyfriends alike. This time round Harry is up against his old enemy Voldemort (again), but also facing off against mermaids, skeletons and more dragons than you can shake a wand at. What's more, now that Harry’s voice has dropped there’s the added bonus that Hollywod moguls have decided to brighten things up a tad and prove that not all witches have to resemble your missus’ mother.