Heath Ledger (corpse), Johnny Depp (handsome), Colin Farrell (post-In Bruges), Jude Law (pffff), Tom Waits (satan), Christoper Plummer (not plumber), Lily Cole (bit-part)

The above The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus trailer reveals a fantasy world mind-fuck directed by Terry Gilliam (Brazil, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, various Monty Pythons), starring loads of great actors and Jude Law. Doctor Parnassus (Plummer) is the leader of a theatre company, is married to Valentina (Lily Cole) and has made a deal with the devil (Tom Waits) about immortality and other metaphysical mischief. That’s about it for plotline. The rest involves a magic mirror, dream worlds and dwarves. From there everything goes squiffy and cinema audiences are likely to “oooooh” and scratch their collective heads during a film that looks as easy to understand as that gameshow Jasper Carrot presents on ITV.

Movie bore:
Originally, Ledger was cast to play the part of Tony. When he died, Depp, Farrell and Law stepped up to help Gilliam allow Ledger’s character to undergo physical transformations that almost certainly won’t damage The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’s chances of making any sense.

Given Ledger’s death in January last year, there’s something eerie about Depp hissing “nothing’s permanent, not even death” in the trailer.