10 films that should've been good. But weren't

Posted by , 23 April 2009

Indiana Jones 4

What it's about:
A veteran Indiana Jones takes a break from the day job as a tenured professor to find an inanimate object with enough power (in the wrong hands) to destroy the world. Along for the ride is try–hard Shia LaBoeuf who puts in a pretty credible acting performance as the reluctant sidekick. The Russians, led by a psychic dominatrix (Blanchett) clad in appropriate bondage gear, are also in hot pursuit.

Why it failed:
After 19 years of silence, the title of Indiana Jones 4 is released - Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Cracking. The experience of watching the final product? In the words of one FHM reviewer, it resembled 'your inner child being raped.' Even if you excuse the pretty ropey acting performances and Harrison Ford's craggy appearance, the film's serious abuse of the green screen reminded us more of a hyper 1980s game show than what it could have been, one of the greatest action adventure films of the past decade. What seemed to irate and bamboozle fans most, was the inclusion of some ridiculous CGI gophers and monkeys courtesy of George Lucas.

Saving grace:
Er... we'll get back to you.

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