Who? Brad Pitt (moustached), Samuel L Jackson (narrator), Mike Myers (British), Eli Roth (gore), Diane Kruger (who?)

What’s it about? Well, if the trailer is anything to go by (which it probably is) Brad Pitt plays Lieutenant Aldo Reine, the leader of a gang of Jewish-American prisoners-turned-soldiers who are sent to France to kill Nazis. Ah, Nazis. When will people get bored of making films about Nazis? Apparently never. But still, Pitt is keeping up his routine of starring in at least one quirky film a year (see: 2008’s Burn After Reading) for which he must be commended. And this being a Tarantino film about war and death, it’s bound to be spectacularly violent. Could be one of 2009's biggest hits.

When? August 21. A date for your diary, then.

Disclosure: This is how the film title is spelt. It's Tarantino who can't spell, not us.