Ten cinematic Nazis who brim with pure evil

Posted by , 29 January 2009

Josef Mengele in The Boys From Brazil

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    Daniel Balint in The Believer

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    Josef Goebbels in The Goebbels Experiment

Which Nazi? Gregory Peck plays Josef Mengele, a Nazi physician who was based at Auschwitz during World War II. He was known as the Angel Of Death for his role in deciding whether prisoners would be killed, put to work or used for scientific experiments.

Why’s he evil? At Auschwitz, Mengele drew a line 156cm high on the wall of a children's block, and any kids who weren’t tall enough he sent to be gassed. The Mengele that Peck plays is taken one step further, and given a desperate desire to clone Adolf Hitler and fulfil the ambitions of the Third Reich. He's also given a weird moustache.

When and where? Filmed and based in the late 70s, it’s a ‘what might have been' film. In reality, Mengele went missing when the Nazis went tits up, and may or may not have died somewhere in Paraguay. Also what he may or may not have done, is be responsible for the abnormally large number of twins in a small Brazilian town. Buy The Boys From Brazil from HMV.

Key quote: "They are showing films about the war! The movement! People are fascinated! The time is ripe! Adolf Hitler is alive!"

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