Who? Megan Fox (naked)

What’s it about? Megan Fox is filth. Not content with spending the whole last hour of Transformers 2 running toward camera in slow motion, she’s now set to be the star of high school horror Jennifer’s Body. Megan plays Jennifer. And Jennifer eats people.

Why we’re excited: Because, if the above trailer’s anything to go by, we’ll get to see Megan Fox naked. Or, at the very least, Megan Fox topless. Put it this way, if the film fails to deliver Megan Fox in any state of undress, we’re going to kick off.

Why we’re worried: Take away the prospect of a naked Megan Fox and it’s not the best looking film we’ve ever seen. It basically looks a bit like a Point Horror book. But with Megan Fox in it. Naked.

When? October 9. We’d recommend scrawling “Megan Fox naked” on your calendar. In red pen. Underlined.