Ten cinematic Nazis who brim with pure evil

Posted by , 30 January 2009

Hando in Romper Stomper

  • #06

    Heydrich and Eichmann in Conspiracy

  • Introduction
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    Derek Vinyard in American History X

Which Nazi? Russell Crowe plays Hando, the buff-as-fuck leader of a neo-Nazi gang in Melbourne, Australia. 

Why’s he evil? Similar in appearance to Ed Norton’s infamous neo-Nazi in American History X, Hando has the humongous upper body, harsh skinhead and swastika tats required to be a racist mentalist. The gang he leads are gritty, the crimes petty and the members a bit stupid. Their beef stems from an influx of Vietnamese people in their neighbourhood, which gets on Hando's tits and sparks his violent outburts. In short: he's an arse.

When and where? Filmed and set in the early '90s, it’s another cautionary tale for modern day neo-Nazism. It ain't big, nor clever, nor pretty. Buy Romper Stomper from Play.com.

Key quote: "This is our place gook boy, our place. What are you doing here? Hey? The only thing for you here is pain."

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