Who? Chris Pine (lookalikey), Zachary Quinto (pointy), Simon Pegg (Scotty), Winona Ryder (guilty)

What's it about? The 40-year-old Star Trek franchise gets a big, brash makeover. It's an origins story, about how James Kirk enlisted in the Starfleet Academy and became Captain Kirk. To Trekkies, that's a bit like how Jesus became God. Wait. What?

Why we're excited: Well, that gun that makes whole planets implode, for starters. Director J.J. Abrams excels at creating complex characters and throwing them, in his words, "into the craziest shit of all time." Except this time we're not dealing with Lost-style polar bears 'crazy'. This is space. And space is much bigger and scarier than that.

Why we're nervous: For the nerds, who care so bloody much.

When? May 8