What's it about:
Bruised, battered and betrayed, Bond treks across the globe hunting the terrorist organisation who blackmailed and eventually killed his girlfriend Vesper in Casino Royale.

What’s good about it?
The pointless exposition that blighted Casino Royale is gone – it helps that they don’t have a poker game to explain to sections of the audience. And in its place are inventive and varied chases, fights and stunts as Bond leaves a trail of destruction and dead bodies. Both friends and enemies die, but Daniel Craig’s 007 is single-minded and cold as he focuses on his goal: revenge.

What’s bad about it?
While the unrelenting action is partnered with a worthy plot – villain Dominic Greene’s scheme is intricate and troublingly credible – emotion is sacrificed for the movie’s quick pace and short running time. Good guys die, but you feel little for them as Bond moves on. But maybe that’s the point. What’s more jarring is how little this feels like a traditional Bond movie, even compared to Casino Royale. It’s a Bourne movie in all but name.

An incredible action movie that demands a second viewing, just to take in everything that’s going on. Overall, it’s probably not as good as Casino Royale, but it continues the series' resurgence.

When? March 23