Who? Steve Coogan (British) Jack Black (Loud) Ben Stiller (‘Masculine’) Robert Downey Jr (‘Black’)

What’s it about? In a superclever marketing move, Stiller and co have decided to release an accompanying mockumentary to their fully-fledged ‘fake film’ about (confusingly) a film that goes disastrously wrong. You got it? That makes one of us.

Whatever the pseudo-postmodern nonsense, this trailer looks bloody funny. Steve Coogan’s role as hapless Brit director Damien Cockburn is table-slammingly hilarious – and as if that weren’t enough, Jack Black and Downey Jr are guaranteed to make your bladder violently rupture with laughter. In a good way.  

Movie bore: The title is a play on "Tropic Lightning," nickname of the 25th Infantry Division which did see action in Vietnam. Now there’s a fun fact.

When? We’re not sure. We’re not even sure whether it’s a film or not – or just a mockumentary to be released on DVD. We’ll find out for you, so watch this space.