10 films that should've been good. But weren't

Posted by , 25 April 2009

Resident Evil

What it’s about:
A naked Milla Jovovich wakes up in the shower having lost her memory. But that doesn’t matter because she needs to team up with fellow hot tom-boy Michelle Rodriguez and some other science boffs to uncover the reason why a bioengineering plant ‘The Hive’ goes berserk and gasses its employees. Milla and friends are forced to fight lurching zombies, deadly security lazers, mutant dogs and a 9ft tongue…

Why it failed:
Ok so it’s not the worst movie adaptation of a console game, but it’s not good. The film couldn't reproduce that same fear and tension Shinji and the team at Capcom have been delivering consistently since 1996 for the Resident Evil game series. Unlike any of the games, the film is too predictable and inanely nonsensical. Why is there a limit of 60 minutes to get out of the Hive before 'the real' shutdown? If the Red Queen has already gassed out all the employees from the inside, what’s the point in giving them 60 minutes to scramble about to get out of the place if they are all dead?

Saving Grace:
They’ll never stop making the games.

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