The 10 best movie heists of all time

Posted by , 01 July 2009


The bandits: Aging French jewel thief and his three pals pull off what is widely considered an impossible heist in the centre of Paris. With murder, triple-crossing, heroin addiction and a little kidnapping on the side. These are some hardcore bandits. These are French bandits.

The loot: A relatively low-key, if large, diamond in a shop on the Rue de Rivoli.

The plan: Don't worry, you'll get to devour it in detail, as the film finishes on a half-hour heist scene shot in total silence showing it from beginning to end. Yes, we should reiterate that this film is made in 1955, in French, featuring one half-hour scene in total silence. Not for fans of Iron Man then, but our editor absolutely assures us it's awesome.

Does it work? No. Well, yes, but it's a fair bet that all involved would rather not have bothered given how it all pans out...

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