Josh Zuckerman (randy), James Marsden (amorous), Seth Green (Amish), Amanda Crew (hot), Katrina Bowden (hotter), Alice Greczyn (hottest)

What’s it about?
For what it’s worth, Ian (Zuckerman) meets ‘Ms. Tasty’ online, he’s a virgin, she’s fit and invites him to come and meet her, but she lives miles away, so they drive there, so he can have sex. Get it? Sex Drive. Weak story aside, this is as funny as the first time you saw American Pie. Particularly the slow-mo catfight to Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is.

Movie bore:
The partying Amish in the film are having ‘rumspringa’, which is when they cut loose before settling down to a life of religious servitude.

See the trailer here.