Who: Dev Patel (in love), Freida Pinto (in captivity)

What’s it about? Danny Boyle directs this story of how Jamal (Patel), a child from the slums of Mumbai, ends up on the Hindi Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. As he racks up the cash, he’s accused of cheating. When he’s interrogated by the police, each correct answer is explained via flashbacks of how Jamal has spent his life finding and losing his one true love, Latika (Pinto). Sound a bit fruity? Think again, this is one of the best-looking, funniest and most heart-warming films you’ll see this year.

See the trailer here.

Movie bore: After failing to find a suitable actor in India, Dev Patel was cast in the lead role, Jamal, after Danny Boyle’s daughter saw him in Skins.