10 films that should've been good. But weren't

Posted by , 25 April 2009

Spider–Man 3

What it’s about:
Some meteor crash lands in Manhattan with some sticky, black, lively substance attached to it. It’s looking for a new host and spidey appears to be him. Whilst being corrupted by this weird webby goo – which basically makes him behave like a douchebag with too much grease in his over groomed hair– he has to contend with Sandman and Goblin Jr. who would love nothing more than to contain spidey under an oversized cup (without holes) and leave him there to perish.

Why it failed:
There were too many big characters without enough emotional depth. The plot was disjointed and Spidey’s alter-ego was more ‘hello sailor’ than hero turned villain.  We didn't know who to root for in this film; Spidey turned bad, Sandman, the bland Goblin Jr. , or Tobey's twin who became a bad guy right at the end? It was a case of too many villains spoil the multi million pound franchise.

Saving Grace:
Sony's interference meant that the CGI was exceptional.

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