Demetri Martin (geeky), Emile Hirsch (hirsute), Eugene Levy (predictable)

What’s it about?
It's the summer of 1969 and Woodstock music festival has been cancelled. Without an alternative venue, hippies must exhibit free love and bad dancing in their own backyards. In his attempt to save the festival, and sever the proverbial umbilical cord from his parents, nice young Jewish boy, Elliot Tiber, makes one phone call to festival organisers that changes his life. Elliot, played by relatively unknown Demetri Martin, brings Woodstock to his backwater hometown in the New York State, and enjoys the bedlam which unfolds.
Why we’re excited:
It's been heralded by Cannes FIlm Festival goers as being the most fun and we're expecting good things from Oscar winning, Brokeback Mountain director, Ang Lee. Performances by Emile Hirsch, Eugene Levy, and cross-dressing ex-marine, Liev Schreiber, are solid, while Imelda Staunton and Henry Goodman are the film's real comic gems.  Plus, there are a whole heap of naked stoners to keep you entertained throughout.

Why we’re nervous:
Because we'd rather not look at over-grown pubic hair on questionably clean individuals.

October 30