10 films that should've been good. But weren't

Posted by , 25 April 2009

Terminator Salvation

What it’s about:
It’s 2018 and John Connor is all grown up (and Christian Bale). Bale runs around and shouts a lot, like a maniac on crack, whilst battling Skynet and the not so scary any more, terminators, to save humans from extinction for the final time.

Why it failed:
We had the teaser trailer, the full length trailer, the awesome trailer, the new trailer, sneak preview, new footage, exclusive clips and finally the verdict… In a word: disappointing. Why? You’ll find Terminator Salvation’s complete list of failings here. Warning: it may be to painful to look.

Saving Grace:
Because of his moronic rant on the set of this movie, we now know that Christian Bale is a twat.

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