Sigourney Weaver (badass), John Hurt (bursty), Winona Ryder ('bot), Aliens (bloody scary)

What's it about?
The Alien series – no longer, thankfully, called a quadrilogy – makes its debut on Blu-ray. You've probably seen all, or most, of the films. If you haven't, get up from your desk, head briskly toward the door, walk to the nearest Blu-ray retailer and then go home and watch at least the first two. The whole series tells of one woman's (Sigourney Weaver) mission to destroy, or at least not get killed by, a race of terrifying, impossibly vicious extra terrestrials.

What's good about it?
Well, all the films look fantastic on Blu-ray. Alien and Aliens might be well over 20 years old, but both have been given and excellent spit and polish for this release. They are also, of course, the best films. Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, is a haunted house movie in space, rarely letting you relax as it stylishly bumps off almost every member of a crew who become pray to the phallus-headed alien. Aliens, directed by James Cameron, is simply the greatest action sci-fi in the history of cinema. If you're a fan of bonus features then you couldn't ask for anything more than you get here. There are around 60 hours of gubbins to get through. You probably won't, unless you're very dedicated. The Blu-rays' 'MU-TH-UR mode' catalogues all the extras, so if you just fancy watching bits that feature Charles Dance, you can. Weirdo.

What's bad about it?

Alien 3, which went through all kinds of changes during production, much to the chagrin of director David Fincher, is a bit of a mess. It has its fans, who consider it a stark thriller, but compared to its predecessors it's a rather miserable experience with neither the subtle terror of Alien or the balls-out spectacle of Aliens. Alien Resurrection is basically just a bit rubbish.

The best possible Blu-ray package for a sci-fi series that is half amazing and half quite bum.


The Alien Anthology is available to buy on Blu-ray now.