Who? Willem Dafoe (he), Charlotte Gainsbourg (she)

What’s it about? Death, grief and evil. A man and a woman – the only characters in the film – are in mourning after their young child walks off a balcony while they’re busy having operatic sex. They retreat to a cabin in the woods to confront their grief. He’s a therapist. She’s completely raving cuckoo.

Why does the poster say it’s “A punch in the face of respectability”?
Well, try any one of these notable scenes: She crushes his testicles with a wooden plank. He ejaculates blood. She drills a hole in his shin bone to bolt him to a grindstone. She cuts off her own clitoris with a pair of rusty scissors. Pretty grim. And there's a talking fox. Which, obviously, is ridiculous.

Why all the fuss? Controversial Danish director Lars von Trier simultaneously wowed and appalled audiences at the Cannes film festival, with opinion very much divided on whether the film’s a work of art, or the most offensive thing you’ll ever see.

July 24