Who? Philip Seymour Hoffman (bearded), Bill Nighy (Bill Nighy), Rhys Ifans (lithe), Nick Frost (Spaced), Kenneth Branagh (the enemy), January Jones (delicious), Jack Davenport (stern), Gemma Arteton (freckled), Emma Thompson (bit-part)

What’s it about? In 1960s England, wannabe DJs who desperately wanted to be on the radio but couldn’t get a licence and/or a job would exploit a loophole in the law and broadcast from boats anchored in the North Sea. This is the origin of Pirate Radio, a concept still alive and well today. Advantages include: making your own rules.

The Boat That Rocked follows a clan of rebellious pirate DJs, led by The Count (Hoffman), who broadcast as Radio Rock from their vessel. They live like plumper, less talented rock stars as they battle against humourless men in suits who want to shut them down. Directed by Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Four Weddings And A Funeral) you can expect quaint British quipping and a slick script. Most impressive is the cast. We challenge anyone not to like at least one person from that lengthy list of acting royalty.

When? April 1. FHM have seen it. You would be a fool not to do the same.

The full cinematic trailer is below, to give you a taste of the awesome soundtrack.