Who? Bradley Cooper (brash), Ed Helm (despairing) Zach Galifianakis (beardy), Justin Bartha (misplaced), Heather Graham (a stripper), Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson)

What’s it about? Director Todd Phillips (Old School, Road Trip) orchestrates a stag do in Vegas going riotously wrong, but with the meat of the film focused on the titular aftermath. Early on, you’re fast-forwarded to an ominous scene: it’s 48 hours later and three of the original gang of four make a desperate, ‘we really messed up’ call to the bride-to-be. Two of them are bleeding, and despite having solved the riddles of why they woke up with a tiger, a chicken and someone else’s baby in their decimated Caesar’s Palace suite, they still can’t find the groom.


What’s good about it?  Phillips has crafted this with a devil-may-care attitude, picking up an ‘R’ rating in the US with not just raunchy material, but writing that revels in the more twisted ideals of Sin City. So it’s not the clichéd stag-do-in-Vegas-goes-tits-up comedy it might look like. Instead, it embraces at least some of the ideals of a detective story while summoning all the sickly delerium of anyone who’s ever woken up covered in tinsel and vomit. And for reasons you’ll discover, the severity of the group’s intoxication isn’t entirely self-induced, pitching their plight craftily within the realms of reality.

What’s bad about it? Not much, unless you’re in the cinema with someone who’s Asian, or gay, or a woman. They might not laugh as thoroughly or exhaustingly as you will.

Verdict: Easily the funniest film of the year, it’ll spark a ‘Better than Old School?’ debate. A must-see.

Movie Bore: Galifianakis is the star of a series of online spoof interviews called Between Two Ferns.



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