10 films that should've been good. But weren't

Posted by , 23 April 2009

The Hulk (2003)

What it's about:
The film adaptation of the Marvel comic, tells the story of genetics scientist Bruce Banner (Eric Bana), who accidentally ruins his life forever, after a gamma bomb he invented, blows up in his face. The explosion permanently alters his DNA, turning him into a huge and totally ripped green monster whenever he gets angry.

Why it failed:
We were over excited 1) because Hulk was one of the world's favourite comic book characters and 2) Academy award winning Ang Lee was directing it. Ang Lee was like a kid in a giant, gold plated, diamond encrusted, sweet shop and as a result he sort of messed up a good thing. He made Hulk too edgy and gave him too many inner demons to deal with. Although CGI hulk’s facial expressions were many and varied his body movements were too bouncy and out of control.  It just wasn't even trying to be realistic.

Saving Grace:
Eric Bana did a good job of the whole 'I may be big, but I'm still vulnerable' routine and it is a shame that the CGI Hulk took over as often as it did. Damn the Aussie for not being able to transform into a 15ft green mutant.  Look at Christian Bale, for example. He was able to morph into an egotistical, screamy arsehole on the set of Terminator Salvation without any trouble.

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