Robert Downey Jr. (beardy), Jamie Foxx (crazy)

What’s it about?
Disenchanted journalist, Steve Lopez, works for the Los Angeles Times, but is struggling to find some new material for his column. It is only when Lopez, played by Downey, meets a homeless crackpot, Nathanial Ayers, that he finds his feet once more. Ayers, played by Jamie Foxx, is a gifted cellist and former Juilliard student with severe schizophrenia which prevents him from realising the pipe dream of performing at the Walt Disney Concert hall. Lopez becomes Ayers' only friend and their symbiotic relationship becomes the subject of the journalist's columns and eventually his best-selling book.
Why we’re excited:
Critics anticipate exceptional performances from Foxx and Downey who have undeniable chemistry on screen.

Why we’re nervous:
It might actually make you cry, which will cause untold humiliation.

September 2009