Jason Statham (tonk), Robert Knepper (unnerving)

What's it about?
Frank Martin (Statham) has decided to retire. He recommends an associate to the mob boss and embarks on a fishing trip with pal, Inspector Tarconi. The associate promptly dies and gets blown up in an ambulance. So bad guy (Knepper) forces Statham to transport suspect bags and a Ukranian girl from Marseille to Odessa. The problem: a metal wrist-cuff that explodes when Statham strays more than 75 feet from the car - shit.

What’s good about it?
The ridiculous stunts, explosions and slick John Woo inspired rucking are expected and delivered. Statham gives it plenty of welly during the frequent fight scenes and director Oliver Magaton provides the element of Bond-style fun cruelly rejected by Quantum Of Solace.

What’s bad about it?
The girl: disappointing. The curious one liners from the Ukranian douchebag such as, 'I want to feel sex one more time before I die' and 'I don't like sausage': laughable.

Pleasingly aggressive chewing gum for your eyes.

When? Out now.