What? Tron, starring Geoff Bridges, is back with Tron Legacy in 3D. Computer geek Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the son of 80s super nerd Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) goes into the computer game world of Tron in search of his father who has been living there for 25 years. He obviously can't resist the free superbikes. The technology has advanced and the perils of this virtual reality are far greater than the 1982 original could have hoped to create. A Spectrum ZX can't quite compare to a PS3.

Why we're excited: Tron looked great despite basically being coloured-in with pens after it was filmed. Add futuristic effects and 3D to the mix, with a touch of extra violence that our modern movie censors allow, and you've got the ultimate virtual reality movie. Like The Matrix but without the need to think quite so much. Keep your eyes peeled for The O.C.'s super hot Olivia Wilde. Her tight gamer costume all lit up in the right places is bound to be a win. Hot girls aside, killer frisbees and bikes with destructive exhaust fumes - this is going to be amazing.

When? 2010