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Kudos to... Alan Moore. He is probably the greatest, most hairy thing to come out of Northampton and Watchmen is the best thing to come out of the self-proclaimed wizard's head space. The thought that these complex, multi-layered and inter-laced storylines all came from one man's mind really does make his claims about being magical hold true.

What's it about? Superheroes are outlawed. In this comic reality they still have the Cold War, except here America has super-powered Dr. Manhattan to tip the scales in their favor. On a smaller scale detective Rorschach investigates the death of fellow hero, The Comedian and unveils a deeper more sinister plot.

Why is it good? This is one of the most subtle attacks on President Reagan of the 80s. The characters of Watchmen were Moore's admonition to those who trusted in 'heroes' and leaders to guard the world's fate. Moore felt that to place faith in such icons was to give up personal responsibility to the Reagans, Thatchers, and other 'Watchmen' of the world who were supposed to rescue us but perhaps would lay waste to the planet in the process. All this packaged in an action filled, ultra-cool and completely original piece of addictive reading.

Why it should be a movie: The anti-establishment message is timeless. The writers' strike has left most media in a state of regurgitation, starved of originality. Lots of films have taken creativity from this comic over the years, maybe it's time to give the credit where it's owed.

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