The money-makers behind Watchmen have cunningly found another way to squeeze some more money out of the franchise: a "motion comic movie" (they made the original drawings move and added music and voices). Despite the amoral drive for the motion comic movie's creation, it's still going to sell a lot of copies. It gives you the chance to read the original comic in all its glory without having to actually read. If you have iTunes they are giving away the first episode free and you can get it here. Alternatively spunk all of £7.99 and get the whole series here, due for release 9 March.

Since the comic was written in 1986 every movie mover and shaker has insisted a movie adaption is impossible. See what FHM think here. If you were left wanting, then this might be the option for you. Although, how you can be left wanting more after seeing Malin Akerman in her costume is beyond us. Her look might be enough to secure her a top spot in this year's 100 Sexiest competition, if you vote now.

Creator Alan Moore has detached himself from all profits the movie makes as he doesn't like the company producing it. That and the fact that he is no doubt, keeping it real. The motion comic is an idea he hasn't shied away from. He can be heard here doing the dark, grumbling voice of Rorschach in a taster of the motion comic. Alan's northern accent might not be perfect for the role...

 Watch the awesome viral advertising video here. Done with that? Have a look at the movie's hottest actress Malin Akerman.