Have you heard of Inception?  The new psychological mind-bendy flick from Christoper Nolan. It's got Leonardo DiCaprio in it as a master thief who can extract thoughts from people's minds. Dom Cobb (Leo's character) then has to go into someone's mind and plant and idea rather than taking things out! Scary stuff, if people could extract thoughts from our minds, we would probably be in prison. Or at least very lonely.

Do you want to win a pair of tickets to the WORLD PREMIERE of Inception in London on July 8th? Then simply tell us which actor in Inception, plays Fischer and re-teams with filmmaker Chistopher Nolan who cast him for the role of The Scarecrow in The Dark Knight?

When you have the answer simply shoot an email to our friendly neighborhood web-man right here.

Good luck and make sure you take someone awesome along. 

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