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Y: The Last Man

What's it about? A freak disease has killed all men on earth, except one amateur escape artist, Yorrick Brown and his male pet monkey, Ampersand. Society is even more of a mess than it is now. The ultra-feminist group 'Daughters of the Amazon' are out to kill the last man, believing God wanted all men dead. Yorrick and his Presidentially appointed bodyguard, Agent 355, try to reach his girlfriend in Australia while working on a cure for re-population. Yorrick's constant one-liners lighten the apocalyptic tale, while regular classic text references add depth to the action soaked adventure which must become a film.

Why is it good? Post-apocalytic stories always are (not including Mad Max 3) good. This comic puts the reader in every guy's ultimate fantasy, being the last man on earth. Yorrick starts off as a normal dude but is transformed by duty and drive into the hero we all want to be. Constant jokes, plot twists, action and character development make this comic book gold. Referencing classic text adds a level of intelligence that means you can even get away with saying it's an educational read. Alternatively hiding it within a paper hides your geeky shame while making you look clever. We demand reading it with pride as this is truly a classic.

Why it should be a movie: Imagine a movie with an all-woman cast, but one. On top of that the storyline hits hard, tackling feminism, humanity's self-destructive nature, the vulnerability of society and funny monkeys. It has the makings of a truly epic trilogy with a constant light-hearted way of presenting serious plot lines. New Line have snapped up the rights with David S. Goyer producing. Carl Ellswroth and D. J. Caruso wrote the script and Shia LaBeouf is rumored to be the main man for the role of Yorrick. It would be expected soon but they have decided, rather than CGI, to use a real monkey... which may take some time to film. Was it mentioned already about the many, many girls?

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