Oh, how we laughed when we found out what Beyonce had called her new album! "Perhaps she needs to clean her booty!" roared a voice from the centre of the office. Of course, everyone fell on the floor in fits. And then the postroom guy really killed the mood by earnestly pointing out that B'Day is simply short for 'Birthday', and Ms Knowles was releasing the album on her birthday. So, we wiped the tears of laughter from our eyes, and listened with a very straight face. And unfortunately, the straight face stayed for most of the duration. It's everything you would expect from a lady on top of her game, but without a powerhouse like Crazy In Love. Suga Mama comes closest, with a nice spot of funked-up sass, but all in all, this is Beyonce doing Beyonce-by-numbers. Not awful, not great, just okay.

Track to download: Suga Mama