Though the days of novelty one-hit-wonders seem to have mercifully subsided in the last few

years, the issue of ‘second-album-syndrome’ remains ever-present in the 21st Century.  And whilst outfits like the Libertines and Gorillaz have seen their follow-up efforts enjoy as much success as their ground-breaking debuts, one-album-wonders remain ten-a-penny.


After enjoying a thorough spinning in the disc tray of FHM’s stereo upon its release back in February  last year, Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm still enjoys the occasional outing, with Helicopter and Banquet still managing to get our heads a-bobbing. Their much anticipated follow-up, A Weekend in the City hasn’t got off to such a flying start. Things look good up until first single The Prayer, with openers Song for Clay and Hunting for Witches serving up a strangely effective mixture of raucous guitar and hushed vocals. Unfortunately, this is as good as it gets, as what remains blends into something of an indie-whinge, busting the yawn-o-meter around about track nine, with dreary second single I Still Remember. Perhaps we can saw the CD in half and use the crap bit as a coaster.


More: Click here for the band's official site and here for their MySpace page.