Though he may be best remembered for waving his arse at Michael Jackson at the 1996 Brit Awards, Jarvis Cocker has been a busy man over the past couple of decades. You’ll recognise him as the lanky, bespectacled front man of Pulp, the thinking man’s Britpop outfit, whose hits including Common People and Disco 2000 still get the students going mental after a few snakebites. Since then, as well as starting a family, the Sheffield-based geek-styled musician has had a bash at DJ-ing and changed his name to Darren Spooner to front two-piece electro band Relaxed Muscle. Now, more than ten years since the iconic Different Class, the Jarvster returns with his first solo effort.

Unfortunately, Jarvis’ eclectic career has set standards that this solo outing rarely comes closes to matching. Though there are flashes of Pulpy-pop brilliance, the majority of tracks lack the anthemic quality that had fields full of grubby festival-goers bouncing around in the mud a decade ago. That said, Jarvis’ work has arguably always been about the lyrics, and there’s plenty of insightful lines here.

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Track to download: Fat Children.

More: Visit Jarvis’ MySpace page, where you can listen to the album.