Upon the release of any greatest hits compilation, a certain degree of backlash from the hardcore fanbase is inevitable, as die-hard followers plague web forums with whinges about absent tracks and dubious inclusions. Oasis’ Stop the Clocks, a compilation of the finest 18 tracks from the Mancunian eyebrow-farmers’ prolific 12-year career, is no exception.

Rather than simply offer a cross-section of the band’s history, the content is weighted heavily towards the first two albums. Fortunately, since these include Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, Cigarettes & Alcohol and Some Might Say, this isn’t a bad thing. Slower tracks from later in the band’s career like Half the World Away and Songbird add dimension to the whole affair, giving a flavour of the versatility that’s made the boys one of the all-time best outfits of the last twenty years. In terms of the songs, it's an album that's near impossible to fault, but since there’s nothing new to be found, a hard purchase to justify if you’ve got most of the back catalogue.

Listen to when: Mourning the demise of Britpop.

Track to download: Supersonic.

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