They’ve only really made two albums and yet they're about to have four out on the shelves. Clever businessmen milking their work? Or forward-thinking artists developing their sound even after it has been released?

If the list of collaborators on their latest album, Intimacy Remixed is anything to go by then they’re certainly respected as the progressivly creative kids on the bloc. After being blessed with the label of “just a band” by Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip in the same breath as the likes of Zepplin and Nirvana, they continue to grow and develop their sound.

Armand Van Helden produces an Ibiza worthy mix of Signs (video above) that far surpasses the original. It’s not solely about upping the beats though, with Mogwai mixing Biko to create a wave of emotional sound, granting your pounding heart a rest mid-album. The stand-out track is the Phones R.I.P. mix of Talons. It combines modern electro with a dangerously catchy 90’s hook to create what a person of said era would describe as "a stonker". Listen here - Warning: bowel breaking sub-bass!

Want it? Download it here