Britney Spears’ new track Radar leads this week’s singles releases, because she knows we’re all bored of Michael Jackson. She wants the limelight back please Michael, and she wants it now. Elsewhere, there's some Mercury Prize nominated UK hip-hop, some excellent use of a cowbell and the winner of our first and quite possibly last Band Name of the Week competition.

1/ The biggie: Britney Spears - Radar

Britney Spears is back, making what made her famous and consequently mental in the first place: music. But given these pictures of K-Fed looking fat and how healthy Britney looks in the video for Radar, perhaps she’s good and ready to be ridiculously high-profile again. Let’s hope so. All this Michael Jackson stuff is getting boring.

2/ The Mercury Music Prize nominee: Speech Debelle – Better Days

Get some brand new, melodic, south London hip-hop in your life, why don’t you. If you’ve got time, take a moment or two to have a listen at what Speech Debelle is saying. She’s wise, see? And Better Days is kind of lovely with its haunting lollop and gentle guitar tang. Well done music, you’ve done another good song.

3/ Your weekly dose of cowbell-heavy dance music: Lemonade – Big Weekend

Nice bass line, Lemonade, and nice use of the cowbell: an underused percussive tool if ever there was one. But what we particularly like – apart from the sex-drenched psychedelia of a video that screams P-A-R-T-Y – is the way Big Weekend sounds like Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie would have done had he spent his youth in Ibiza, rather than Glasgow.

4/ Mstrkrft featuring John Legend – Heartbreaker

Look! John Legend! In a song that isn’t totally shit! What a treat. But then again: why? He doesn’t need Mstrkrft, that’s for sure. And they don’t really need him. They don’t even need vowels, so why would they need John Legend? His name is absolutely riddled with vowels.

6/ And the winner of the Best Band Name of the Week goes to: Fukkk Offf – Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me

Don’t listen to this if you’ve got a headache. We’re doing it, it’s a nightmare. In fact, Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me sounds just like a headache with its repetitive pounding and insistent female vocal. But as you might expect from a band who’ve swiped a song title from under U2’s nose, there’s not a lot going on here beyond the mind-farts we just described.