Calvin Harris, Vitalic, Bloc Party, The XX and Mariachi El Bronx have put time aside this week to show you a good time. That’s right. What you should do in return is turn the lights off, close your eyes, get naked (optional) and listen to these five tunes with the volume up and your minds open so wide you'd only half fill them if all the cows in Argentina were poured in there.

1/ The biggie: Calvin HarrisReady for the Weekend

You could dance to this forever if you really wanted. It’s about shoes, and that’s all. But hell, Calvin Harris isn’t a philosopher; he’s an unashamedly mainstream music producer intent on causing collateral damage to the charts and getting women in swimsuits to appear in his videos. In so many ways he’s living the dream.

2/ The better-than-the-biggie: Vitalic – Your Disco Song

This. Is. Banging. It’s off Vitalic's Disco Terminateur EP. And the vocal manipulation on show in Your Disco Song is a lot like the methods the way-too-moody Crystal Castles employ, but everything else builds to a terrifyingly squelchy climax made extra weird by the extreme disco plastic surgery taking place in the video.

3/ The indie hit-makers: Bloc PartyOne More Chance

Bloc Party seem to have escaped the indie rut that a lot of big-in-2005ers are still stuck in. Where are The Futureheads now eh? It’s probably because Bloc Party weren’t afraid of being a bit lame to get into the charts. One More Chance isn’t lame, and it’s a got a piano part. Ballsy.

4/ The indie darlings: The XXBasic Space

The XX are the new favourite band of everyone in the alternative music press, mainly because they’re amazing. They’re not having a good time or anything, and they’ll never be number one. Or even number sixty four. But they make beautiful, sparse, haunting, airy, tearful, simple, pretty and spooky music and should be given a free bag of Greggs sausage rolls as a reward.

5/ The punk rockers gone soft in a good way: Mariachi El Bronx – Cell Mates

The Bronx are a hardcore punk rock band from Los Angeles who have released singles called Bats!, They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy) and History’s Stranglers. Mariachi El Bronx are the same band, but doing mariachi music. Awesome. Even though we know nothing about mariachi music, we love the idea, man.