Cheryl Cole’s picked a good time to release Fight For This Love. She’s the only ridiculously massive pop star with anything out this week, which means she’ll almost certainly go to number one. WELL DONE CHERYL COLE. Here’s some bonus Cheryl Cole stuff:

1/ Cheryl Cole’s covergirl profile
2/ Cheryl Cole’s gallery
3/ Cheryl Cole’s 100 Sexiest victory page


1/ The pop star: Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love

Wife, judge, fashion icon, sex symbol, band member, solo artist, sexiest woman in the world as voted for by readers of FHM – Cheryl Cole is all of these. What she isn’t, is a lady with a good singing voice or a strong single to launch what will surely be a humongously successful solo career. But singing is irrelevant for the modern popstar. Victoria Beckham is the most famous Spice Girl, remember. And Cheryl Cole is the only member of Girls Aloud you’ll remember in 10 years. Sod it, good songs are irrelevant for the modern pop star. All they have to do is exist with a certain kind of ice-cool elegance and look bloody brilliant the whole time.

2/ The airline: Air France – GBG Belongs To Us

You might like this, if you like synthy pop music sung by females. GBG Belongs To Us isn’t hugely engaging or even massively danceable, but it will feel lovely swirling around your ear hole in much the same way that having your sinuses cleared or your eyeballs washed feels absolutely and unbelievably amazing. That’s because this song has a softness and a warmth to it. Basically, it’s not like La Roux. No way. It’s the anti-La Roux. La Roux can La Piss Off.

3/ The nice chaps: Kings of Convenience – Boat Behind

Hello chirpy tune by a band whose name makes us think of Costcutter, how are you? The answer is: I am lovely. Because Boat Behind really is lovely and will not fail to make you feel happy, or at the very least: calm. It sounds like summer and feels like a picnic. It tastes like custard and smells like a wood fire burning. It makes us feel like elves and look like jesters. It makes us want to give out hugs and ask for nothing back in return. My god we know how to talk shite.

4/ The sickos: Loverman – Crypt Tonight

UGH. This is a properly vile and unsettlingly unpleasant video featuring humans giving birth to eggs, dead people hanging from ceilings, children innocently wandering around and a lead singer painted from head to toe in red like the actual devil. The more we watch it, the sicker we feel. The closer we look, the faster the fear starts to bubble over in our clearly fairly fragile minds. This is a rival to The Hickey Underworld’s sick-fest we featured last week. Indie has gone evil since The Horrors got popular.

5/ The indie band: Local Natives – Camera Talk

Yes, we like this. It rattles along nicely. It has a violin and isn’t depressing. It uses keyboards but doesn’t overpower the song with them. In fact, none of the instruments overpower the song and it all feels quite delicately balanced like a well-made cocktail, a top-notch trifle, a high-end wine, a carefully blended whiskey, a lovingly assembled tiramisu or an expertly built sandwich. Yes: we love to eat. And yes: we love to drink.