Chromeo are a top dance pop DJ rave party act with some big hits and some even bigger boxes full of very expensive gadgets which they use to transfer their hits into the ears of their fans. It’s a simple but incredibly rewarding process for everyone involved. Another slice of immense Chromeo trivia is this: at least four times when we’ve been at brilliant parties with loads of free drugs and sandwiches people have said things to us like “have you heard of Chromeo? They’re this awesome French DJ act who are a bit like Justice” when actually THEY’RE NOT FRENCH! THEY’RE NOT EVEN EUROPEAN! THEY’RE FROM BLOODY CANADIA!

Here are five things that people think are French but actually aren’t French:

1/ French toast
In England we call it eggy bread. WIKIPEDIA FACT: The Oxford English Dictionary cites usages of "French toast" in English as early as 1660. In America they call it French toast to make them feel better about weighing 65 stone.

2/ Moule et frites
Belgian, yeah? Go to Brussels, it's everywhere. Steak too. And waffles. Super freak.

3/ Eiffel Tower
Yeah this is actually totally French.

4/ Hercule Poirot
Belgian, yeah? And in the programme Poirot he gets very annoyed if you accuse him of not being Belgian. So don't do that. Ever.

5/ Daft Punk
They’re robots and robots don’t come from anywhere.

Business Casual by Chromeo is OUT NOW.