Every few years, a band comes along that’s universally loved. Metallers grudgingly nod their heads, indie kids change their wardrobes accordingly and dance fans feel the beat. With the release of Hot Fuss in 2004, The Killers did just that. The Springsteen-inspired second album Sam’s Town was a different beast but it still had the mega hits, Sawdust was an eclectic mix of B-sides and rarities. On Day & Age they’ve chucked the whole lot together to make one giant album monster. Opener Losing Touch is the kind of epic tune that’d fit nicely onto a slo-mo montage of Bear Grylls jumping into rivers.

First single Human, despite containing one of the most unpleasant lines in history – “Are we human, or are we dancer?” – is still a catchy pop gem. That they manage to shoe-horn in calypso, prog and a massive sax solo without sounding like bell-ends is a testament to their songwriting skills.

Best song: Goodnight, Travel Well sounds like the Pet Shop Boys covering Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds.