Plan B’s new single She Said is out on March 22. We haven’t heard it. Plan B’s new video for his new single She Said will be unleashed this Thursday February 18. We haven’t seen it.


We totally have five stills from the new video that may or may not provide clues to what She Said is about. Let’s hope so, and let’s take a look.

Exclusive still from She Said #1

What you can see here is Plan B standing behind the kind of bulletproof glass you often get in court. Is he in court? Plan B is wearing a suit. It sure looks like Plan B is in court. If you look closely, you'll see there's a hand clutching the wooden frame at the bottom of the bulletproof glass. Our guess it that it belongs to either a) a lawyer, b) whoever the "she" is in the title of the new Plan B single She Said. If you look closely again, at the clock in the top right of the picture, you'll see it looks like it's either 10.20 or 22.20. Probably 10.20, because we're pretty sure courts don't pull all-nighters.

Exclusive still from She Said #2

Uh oh, looks like Plan B is definitely in court and has been called to the witness stand. But what is he? A witness? The accused? Someone giving a character reference? He sure looks kind of downbeat, like someone just said something that implicated him in a crime. Someone like the "she" referenced in the title of the new Plan B song She Said. Now we're getting somewhere.

Exclusive still from She Said #3

Change of scenery. Some fat men are talking to Plan B. Plan B's taken off his suit jacket so he's probably a) hot or b) been there a while. It looks like his top button's been undone. What does this mean? Probably that he's a) hot, b) been there a while, c) stressed. Let's go with stressed. What's stressing him out? We're guessing the fat men. Who are the fat men? The fat men are probably a) policemen, b) lawyers. But from our limited legal knowledge and experience, we don't reckon lawyers operate in pairs, so we're going for policemen.

Exclusive still from She Said #4

Plan B is still with the fat policemen. This probably means he spends quite a long time with the fat policemen in the video, which probably means Plan B has committed some kind of crime. No one who hadn't committed a crime, or didn't know something about a crime, would need to spend this long with two fat policemen. Plan B looks pissed off. Maybe because the fat policemen have cups of coffee or tea or another type of beverage. Plan B doesn't have a cup of anything. Poor Plan B. He is wearing a waistcoat though, which neither of the fat policemen are, so he's totally winning in the Staying Cool In The Interrogation Room competition.

Exclusive still from She Said #5

Back in court, and that person there is undeniably a woman. She's wearing a flashy fur coat like women who would do things like marry George Best in the '70s would do. She's pretty. She looks happy. This could either be a) good, or b) bad. It depends whose side she's on. If she's on Plan B's side, it looks like good news. If she's not on Plan B's side... let's not talk about that. Going on all the evidence we've collected from these exclusive stills, we're going to go right ahead and say this woman is almost certainly the "she" referenced in the title of the new Plan B song She Said. My God. This is progress.