Jack White, Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence from The White Stripes, The Kills, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Raconteurs.

Four rock stars from four bands ranging from very to not famous have formed The Dead Weather and are being described as a “supergroup” by everyone. Signed to Third Man Records, their debut album Horehound is out on July 14, and Sexy Beast director Jonathan Glazer has shot the gun-toting cowboy-film influenced video to the excellently named track Treat Me Like Your Mother. Watch it ABOVE.

Good points:

1/ Jack White plays drums on all the songs and sings on some of them because he’s a monstrously talented man.

2/ After being forced to find other ways to entertain herself while band mate Jamie Hince humps Kate Moss and loses Kills songs in swimming pools, Alison Mosshart fronts The Dead Weather and sings like an annoyed feminine devil all the way through Horehound.

3/ Mosshart is the star here, which is kind of a nice gesture by Jack White. He seems happy thwacking his drums and turning in sporadic vocal performances which, when they appear, sound like masculine wails from the corners of hell that're most likely to breed pure evil.

4/ The bit in Treat Me Like Your Mother when it all speeds up and the electro-sounding riff kicks in is awesome.

5/ Blues is always best when it’s scary. And listening to Horehound is like having a South American witch doctor perform voodoo on you for an hour with the sole intention of permanently breaking your previously solid spirit. Spooky. But brilliant.

Bad points:

1/ Jack White doesn’t play guitar, which is a shame, because Jack White's amazing at guitar.

2/ If The Kills got famous in the wake of The White Stripes rocketing to mega-fame, you could sensibly, but cynically, argue that Alison Mosshart is making the most of Jack White being free to make music while Meg White ponders when she’ll be ready to make another White Stripes album.

3/ They try a bit of reggae on I Cut Like A Buffalo, which is bad.

Best lyric:

“Who’s got it figured out? / Play dumb, play dead, play straight / Whose got it figured out? Play straight / Time to manipulate / M-A-N-I-P-U-late” – from Treat Me Like Your Mother

FHM’s career prediction:
The Dead Weather will play some blistering live shows but Jack White will realise he loves his sister/wife/ex-wife Meg White more than he loves Alison Mosshart, crawl back to her, and make some more amazing incest-blues albums. Alison Mosshart will murder Kate Moss (because she’s in The Kills, yeah?) and Jamie Hince will adopt Moss’s orphaned child. Mosshart, Hince and mini-Moss will form a trio, live on a fashionable hippy commune and release one of the weirdest albums anyone’s ever heard, featuring samples of the worst of Kate Moss’s appearances for Babyshambles.