Sophie King, Lucie Kay and Brooke Challinor who are, in order, “tiny”, an “insomniac” and “lairy”, according to their MySpace page.

Three girls, one band, signed to EMI. Their first single Gold Digger isn’t out until August 31 but everybody’s already going mental for them after Je Suis Une Dolly (above) topped 20,000 downloads. Visit their website, HERE.

Good points:

1/ They’re gobby, which means they’ll mouth off like Lily Allen does, which means they’ll slag people off who they shouldn’t slag off, which will be funny.

2/ They sound a bit like Kate Nash minus the need to deliver their songs like they think they’re poets. Because they’re not. And neither is Kate Nash. She’s a mediocre pop star.

3/ They look to be totally okay with making twats of themselves for the sake of having ‘a laugh’. And they probably drink loads. And they wear hats and fishnets and have big kind-of-retro hair. And actual personalities.

4/ They write their own songs, they aren’t stupid and they like music. They like Pulp! And the Arctic Monkeys! And Blur!

5/ If you went out with a Dolly Rocker you’d have wild public sex with her, do whatever she said, find her impossible to control, fall hopelessly and tragically in love with her, feel like a shadow of a man, but look back on the affair with fondness. They’re lovely! But terrifying.

Bad points:

1/ They failed to get past the ‘boot camp’ stage of The X Factor in 2006. But that probably worked out in their favour.

2/ Some people keep saying they’re a shit version of The Saturdays. We say: pffffffffff.

Best lyrics:

1/ “Got nowt to lose in the Moulin Rouge / And we’ll flash our pants when we can can” – from Je Suis Une Dolly.

2/ “She thinks she’s fit with her new fake tits and her liposuction / She hires limousines making massive scenes just to go to the pub in” – from Champagne Shirley.

FHM's career prediction:

Will rock up at 2010's Brit Awards to claim Best Newcomer before pissing on Graham Norton's shoes and having an orgy with Russell Brand.