Recently, we went to really cold pub in east London to have a chat with the rapper Plan B. You may know Plan B because you bought his first album Who Needs Actions When You Got Words. Or maybe because you heard his recent singles Stay Too Long and She Said and are really looking forward to his new album The Defamation of Strickland Banks.

Then again, maybe you know him from playing the very nasty Noel Winters in the Michael Caine film Harry Brown, or as Dabs in the film Adulthood, or as the guy that wrote the song Kidz that appeared in the soundtrack of the film Kidulthood.

Having said all that, you might have absolutely no idea who he is, which is exactly why it would be an excellent idea to watch the video of us interviewing him, above. If you like it, and fancy reading a track-by-track rundown from the mouth of Plan B about his new album (out on April 12), buy the May 2010 edition of FHM.