Welsh rocker dudes the Manic Street Preachers have just released their 10th album Postcards From A Young Man. It’s hilariously brilliant, full of over the top lyrics, enormous string sections and loads of guitar solos. It’s the most fun you can have without covering your balls in Nutella and nailing your scrotum to the floor.

This video features Nicky Wire (hero) and James Dean Bradfield (hero) but not Sean Moore (hero) talking about stuff and things and things and stuff. Stuff like they’re upcoming and rather large UK tour. Things like the songs on their new album. Things like how many new songs it’s acceptable to play live. Stuff like exclusive live footage of their Hammersmith Working Men’s Club gig a few weeks ago.

Here's the first track from the album. The track is called (It's Not War) Just the End of Love: