Behold: Natalie Imbruglia, Graham Coxon, Mumford & Sons, Dirty Projectors and Bowling for Soup all have singles out THIS WEEK. And that means NOW. Buy them if you like. Go on, do a good deed. Help these struggling artistic sods make a bit of dough from the skills they were born with. (Please note: these complimentary tones don’t apply to Bowling for Soup. Please see below for further information.)

1/ The belated comeback: Natalie Imbruglia – Want

You know: the ex-Neighbours actress with the enormous saucer eyes and Angelina Jolie lips who’s nowhere near as famous as Kylie Minogue or Holly Valance. We’re pretty sure most people have forgotten about Natalie Imbruglia, which is kind of unfair because she spent a lot of time between 2002 and 2008 looking after very-ill-indeed now-ex-husband Daniel Johns (of the band Silverchair). But the fame game is a fickle beast, and releasing rubbish songs like this (co-written by Chris Martin) won’t help. Still, she looks exactly like you would hope angels do, so that’s good.

2/ That bloke from Blur: Graham Coxon – Brave The Storm

Yeah: the handsomest one from Blur. Yeah, you heard. Look beyond the sad eyes and clunky spectacles and you’ll see a face so terrifyingly symmetrical you’ll think you’re in an advanced maths class. The only reason Damon Albarn and Alex James get talked about more is: people are scared of Graham’s perfect face. But that’s enough homoeroticism for one day. Listen to Brave The Storm. It’s pretty good, if you like lovely gentle acoustic songs.

3/ The folk song: Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man

What with Noah and the Whale already getting noticed this year, 2009 is proving to be a year for self-critical, energetic, piano-led folk music to get heard. Mumford & Sons look the kind of guys who sleep in hay bails, drink milk straight from the udders of cows, kill their own pigs for bacon and dance in barns with girls who they may or not be related to. Don’t get us wrong: we approve of all those things.

4/ The pure song: Dirty Projectors – Temecula Sunrise

An apology: the video above isn’t Temecula Sunrise’s proper video (such a thing doesn’t exist); it’s just a still of two girls, each of whom has a blob of colour splatted on their face. Yes! Amazing! Anyway, this song is pure, and makes no sense, and has a ripping little guitar solo three and a half minutes in that will rock your world. Or at the very least, improve it.

5/ The idiots: Bowling for Soup – My Wena

Bowling for Soup are FUCKING MORONS. That is all.