Oasis, Dig Out Your Soul
Big Brother

Union Jack guitars, little round purple glasses and Patsy Kensit’s breasts. Britpop will be remembered for many things, none more so than the emergence of the mighty Oasis. And thankfully, after a few years of bland dad rock, the lads sound like they’re having fun again. Opener Bag It Up has a rolling military pomp about it, like the sound of Moss Side marching on London, while Liam’s vicious snarl harks back to the good ol’ days of paparazzi bashing. The Turning, meanwhile, will have fans of King Monkey Ian Brown shuffling in their Adidas shell toes – its thumping bass line could’ve been lifted from a Stone Roses song. First single The Shock Of The Lightning is one of their best in years, mixing the fun Manc attitude of the first two albums with the maturity that comes from living in a massive mansion with Paul Weller on speed–dial.

Best song: To Be Where There’s Life might open with a sitar, but it quickly turns into stomping Oasis of yore.