Today (September 13), Robyn is releasing Body Talk Pt. 2. But, right, earlier this year Robyn released an album called Body Talk Pt. 1 and the first song on it was called Don’t Fucking Tell me What To Do which is a great name for a song and we applaud her. (BY THE WAY: Don’t pretend you haven’t heard of Robyn, she sung the song With Every Heartbeat that was number one everywhere for about a million years and you can watch it HERE to refresh your memory.) To celebrate Robyn writing a badass lady anthem, here are three more badass lady anthems as well as Robyn's badass lady anthem:

1/ Robyn – Don’t Fucking Tell me What To Do

She used to be a bubblegum pop star, now she hates you and just wants to party hard.

Verdict: badass.

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2/ Rihanna – Rude Boy

This song might as well have been called Fuck You, Chris Brown, I Am Having Sex With Other Men And You Are A Twat.

Verdict: badass.

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3/ Kelis – Caught Out There

Kelis hates you so much right now. Soooo… screw you.

Verdict: badass.

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4/ Lily Allen – Fuck You

Do not upset Lily Allen, or she’ll write a song about you and everyone will know you’re a dick. Forever.

Verdict: badass.

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